50 Country Cut n' Color Bookmarks: Black and White AND Full Color

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Give a gift to your students with this fun cut n' color 50 country bookmark set. This includes 50 bookmark designs. These bookmarks are in both black and white and full color to give you options! Introduce the states with these bookmarks!

 Have your students cut 'n color the black and white bookmarks and let me keep it as a gift! Or simply cut the full color bookmarks and give them the beautiful country bookmarks as a gift!

 Welcome Back to School! There are 50 different, two version of each for a total of 50 designs! One for each country! These a perfect for introducing these countries!

 Countries included are USA, Argentina, Australia, Canada, China, Italy, Japan, India, Israel, Germany, Russia, Scotland, Norway, Vietnam, Russia, Greece, Switzerland, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, Jamaica, Bahamas, and many more!

 Your students will love these cute country bookmarks!

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