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Are you planning on teaching phonics to your early elementary students? This -AT Word Family Worksheets are the perfect activity for introducing phonics to your early readers. This resource makes reading fun while learning about a new highly engaging topic! Get your students ready to read and have fun doing it!

Your students will love this USA Fact Sheet. This sheet includes the country name, outline, flag, map, capital city, population, foods, continent, language, animals, landmark, objects/symbols, and people.

This Printable Calendar for Your Classroom is prefect for your class! This Printable Calendar is great for all classrooms at any grade level! This is perfect for your bulletin board in your class! This freebie is perfect for homeschool teachers, students, parents, and teachers! Enjoy this Calendar FREEBIE!

This USA Travel Brochure displays information about the United States such as American symbols, landmarks, map, flag, foods, and more!


Your students will love these USA Alphabet Flash Cards, A-Z. These alphabet flash cards are for early readers: Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade.

Use this Quick Reference Guide with your Kindergarten or 1st grade students! It includes information for quick access for your early readers to look up information as they learn it. This is perfect for students to use as they write, review, and learn this important information.
This Animal Habitats Sorting Mats is perfect for your early readers. Just print the pages and cut out the cards! Paste the cards in the correct habitat. You can laminate the cards and use Velcro dots if you want to make this unit into a reusable activity.

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