All About South America Complete Unit with Activities for Early Readers

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Take your students on a trip to South America with this complete unit! It includes information on 7 important countries in South America! There are over 125 pages in this complete unit!

 What is included in this unit?

- Photo Collage Posters for each country and the continent

- All About South America Mini Book (half page mini book, one page will print two books)

- Country Activities such as fact sheet, research travel brochure, pocket, flash cards, and vocabulary puzzle

- Engaging Worksheets to reinforce learning and study vocabulary

 The mini book includes maps, flags, foods, animals, languages, landmarks, and habitats for each country! This is a great introduction for early readers and learners! Plus a full color teacher copy of the mini book!

 The worksheets included at the end of this unit are used to reinforce what has been learned, study vocabulary, and quiz the student without being a test. These worksheets include maps, color the flags, animal connect to country, animal vocabulary, match landmark to country, connect flag to country, trace the vocabulary words, and more!

All About South America Complete Unit

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