Asia and Middle East Countries Research Posters - Country Research Project

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Your students will love this Asia and Middle East Countries Research Posters. These coloring pages are great for conducting research about each country in the Middle East and Asia! These Country Research Posters are perfect for early readers!

There are 47 countries in this research project, over 100 pages total in this PDF! Each country has two pages: one coloring page with national symbols and a map, country flag, and one page for research information and map location in the world. Print the pages back to back for a one page research project for your students or staple the two pages together!

 There are two versions of these research posters: a black and white version and a full color version! The world map page for each country does not include a color version, only black and white.

 Have students research the country and color in the national symbols! These research posters will need to gather research on the country, flag, national symbols, languages, currency, continent, government, important products, capital, size, population, interesting facts, color in the country on a map, and world map location! Please check the preview for more information!

 The Middle Eastern and Asian Countries included in this research project are:

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Armenia
  3. Azerbaijan
  4. Bahrain
  5. Bangladesh
  6. Bhutan
  7. Brunei
  8. Cambodia
  9. China
  10. East Timor
  11. India
  12. Indonesia
  13. Iran
  14. Iraq
  15. Israel
  16. Japan
  17. Jordan
  18. Kazakhstan
  19. North Korea
  20. South Korea
  21. Kuwait
  22. Kyrgyzstan
  23. Laos
  24. Lebanon
  25. Malaysia
  26. Maldives
  27. Mongolia
  28. Myanmar
  29. Nepal
  30. Oman
  31. Pakistan
  32. Philippines
  33. Qatar
  34. Russia
  35. Saudi Arabia
  36. Singapore
  37. Sri Lanka
  38. Syria
  39. Taiwan
  40. Tajikistan
  41. Thailand
  42. Turkey
  43. Turkmenistan
  44. United Arab Emirates
  45. Uzbekistan
  46. Vietnam
  47. Yemen

  Students can have fun coloring in the page while they learn all about the countries!


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