Asian American Pacific Islanders Research Posters, Coloring - Research Project

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 Your students will love this Asian American and Pacific Islanders Biography Research Posters. These coloring pages are great for conducting research about famous Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders!

There are 26 people in this research project! Each person has two pages: one coloring page with a portrait, one page for research information. Print the pages back to back for a one page research project for your students or staple the two pages together!

Have students research these people and color in the portrait! These research posters will need to gather research on the full name, birthdate, birthplace, quote, famous for, age or year of death, interesting facts, birthplace map location, three words to describe them, education, career(s), and more! Please check the preview for more information!

The Asian American and Pacific Islanders included in this research project include:

  1. Bruce Lee
  2. Duke Kahanamo
  3. Michelle Kwan
  4. Connie Chung
  5. Ieoh Ming Pe
  6. Junko Tabei
  7. Kamala Harris
  8. Kalpana Chawla
  9. Martin Yan
  10. Susan Ahn Cuddy
  11. Vera Wang
  12. Yo-Yo Ma
  13. David Ho
  14. Steven Yuen
  15. Anna May Wong
  16. George Takei
  17. Ellison Onizuka
  18. Anito Lo
  19. Sanjay Gupta
  20. Victoria Manalo Draves
  21. Amy Tan
  22. Katherine Sui Fun Cheung
  23. Mazie Hirono
  24. Jim Lee
  25. Michael Chang
  26. M. Night Shyamalan

 Students can have fun coloring in the page while they learn all about the presidents! This is perfect for Asian American and Pacific Islanders Month!

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