Cats Mini Book for Early Readers

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This Cats Mini Book is perfect for your students to learn about Cats! This book can be used for a very basic animal study in lower elementary grades! This is perfect for Pre-k, Kindergarten, and 1st Grade. Each page has a basic fact about Cats and a scene or illustration to get students to connect to the words. The scenes can be colored in as a fun activity for the students!

The life cycle of a cat is discussed and illustrated! Twelve types of cats are shown and discussed. 

Plus a full color photo collage to help introduce the unit!

This coloring mini book about Cats displays information about:
- Cats are an mammal
- Body Parts of a cat
- Life Cycle of a cat
- Carnivore
- What do they eat?
- Map of where they live
- Cats can see in the dark
- Ancient Egypt
- Domestication
- Abyssinian
- American shorthair
- Turkish angora
- Himalayan
- Maine coon
- Norwegian forest
- Persian
- Ragdoll
- Russian blue
- Siamese
- Sphynx
- Tabby
- A reflection page for students to write their favorite facts they learned about Cats

This is the perfect basic animal study for students to read and color! 23 pages in all!

This mini book works well for guided reading, small groups, literacy centers or whole group. 

This mini book includes 23 pages, each page has two on it so you can save on ink and paper! One page will print two books!

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