Statue of Liberty Complete Unit for Early Learners - World Landmarks

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Your early learners will love this complete world landmark unit! This is the perfect way to learn all about the Statue of Liberty! Learn about both America and the Statue of Liberty with this complete unit!

 A perfect resource for your study on world landmarks!

 This complete unit includes a 10 page mini book, a half page full color photo for your bulletin board, a full page color photo for the bulletin board, a fact sheet in B/W, a fact sheet in color, and a 6 page lapbook! 20 pages total for this unit!

 This complete unit on a world landmark includes information such as country location, date built, who built it, why it was built, who it was built for, material of landmark, real life pictures, foods of that country, language of that country, map, flag, and much more!

 Lapbooks are a great way to conduct research, review information, and learn in a new and fun way! Students will love completing this fun activity!

 What is included?

- Welcome to the "Landmark" Cover

- Flag Flap

- Map Flap

- Landmark: What is it?

- Information Fact Flaps

- History Timeline with a Cut out Activity

- Food Pocket

- Language Diagram

- Snapshots Pocket with Real Photos

- My Favorite Facts Back Cover


What will your students need?

- a manila folder

- glue or tape

- colored pencils, crayons, or markers

- scissors

- construction paper for strength (optional)

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