10 Books for Children about France

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Are you doing a unit on France? These children's books are a great way to study and introduce this culture to kids. There are both fiction and nonfiction books included in this list for early readers. Let's celebrate the culture and landmarks of France! 

France Book List

France is a large country with many unique customs and traditions. This country is full of interesting culture and famous people. Immerse your students in these fun children's books. Read the books to your students for an added level of connection. Or have your students read them by themselves if they are up to the task.


France: Travel for kids by Dinobibi Publishing

"Dinobibi and Ben will join you in every step of the journey. You will have so much fun discovering France– its history, geography, flags and symbols, wildlife, culture and more! Whether preparing for a vacation, or simply wanting to learn about France, this book gives you all you need to know, fun places to visit, tasty food to try, and fun, interactive pop quizzes throughout."


Escargot by Dashka Slater

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