10 Books for Children about Italy

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Are you doing a unit on Italy? These children's books are a great way to study and introduce this culture to kids. There are both fiction and nonfiction books included in this list for early readers. Let's celebrate the culture and landmarks of Italy! 

 Italy Book List

Italy is a unique country with many interesting animals and several famous landmarks. This country is full of interesting culture! Immerse your students in these fun children's books. Read the books to your students for an added level of connection. Or have your students read them by themselves if they are up to the task.


Living in Italy: Ready to Read by Chloe Perkins

"Are you one of the 15 million Americans with Italian heritage? Ever wonder what Italy is really like? Discover what it’s like to be a kid growing up in Italy with this fascinating, nonfiction Level 2 Ready-to-Read, part of a new series all about kids just like you in countries around the world!"


Venetian Lullaby by Judith Roth

"The sounds of lapping water and dipping oars ease readers into the famous canals of Venice, Italy. With mother as gondolier and father singing his calming song to baby, a family floats serenely through this one-of-a-kind historic city, past features as unusual as stone winged lions and golden masks and as comfortably familiar as babbling neighbors and drying laundry. The baby drifts deeper and deeper into Venice’s maze and―finally―sweet sleep."

 Italian Book

My First Italian Book by Anna Young

"With this new Italian language learning book, you and your kids will be able to learn Italian in an exciting, fun, and educational way. You can use this great resource for your kids to learn their first Italian words and phrases."

 Take me back

Take Me Back to Italy by Baby Professor

"Italy is a foreign country and their culture and traditions might be different than yours. But if you are aware of these differences, you will be better guided on what to expect when you actually go for a visit. Geography is a fun topic to study, if you take one region at a time. So go ahead and grab a copy of this book today!"


Picture Book for Kids: Italy by Extraordinary Publishing

"Picture Book for Kids: Italy contains colorful pictures of fun places to see in Italy. By reading this book, kids can learn more about the culture, history and geography of Italy. For the best viewing experience, read the book on a tablet, a laptop or a cellphone."


Where is the Colosseum by Jim O'Connor

"The Emperor Titus opened the enormous Colosseum in AD 80 to host 100 days of games, and it will astound readers to learn what the ancient Romans found entertaining. Over 50,000 screaming fans watched gladiators battling each other to the death, men fighting exotic wild beasts, and even mock sea battles with warships floating on an arena floor flooded with water."

Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome for Kids by Captivating History

"In this book, you will travel back to Ancient Rome, where gladiators fought in the famous Colosseum, emperors were murdered to make way for new emperors, calendars were created, and Greek mythology was re-made into Roman mythology! Have fun seeing what’s left of this amazing society as you explore ancient ruins and war maps! Test your knowledge with end-of-chapter activities, and watch history come alive as you learn of the fascinating Roman Empire! We owe a lot to Ancient Rome, and you’ll learn what we abolished – and what we kept from this exciting time in history."


The Leaning Tower of Pizza by Derek Taylor Kent

"The perfect picture book to teach kids about the joys of travel, experiencing new cultures and foods, and learning about famous monuments, landmarks, and artwork."


The Mystery of Mosaic by Harper Paris

"When Ethan and Ella first land in Venice, they are in awe of all the canals and tiny little streets. They’re especially excited to look for a five-hundred-year-old-mosaic near Calle Farnese that Grandpa Harry tells them about. While the twins are out getting gelato later that day, they notice someone looking around suspiciously as he unties a gondola from a dock."


Ciao, Sandro! by Steven Varni

"As the loyal first mate to gondolier Nicola, Sandro knows everything about his home, the beautiful city of Venice. Sandro and Nicola go everywhere together. But today, Sandro is venturing out on his own for the first time. He is on a very important secret mission! What is Sandro up to? And what friends will he meet along the way?"

Are you looking for engaging resources for introducing Italy?

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