10 Books for Children to Learn About Thailand

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Are you doing a unit on Thailand? These children's books are a great way to study and introduce this culture to kids. There are both fiction and nonfiction books included in this list for early readers. Let's celebrate the culture and customs of Thailand! 


Thailand is a unique country with many interesting animals and unique customs. This country is full of interesting culture! Immerse your students in these fun children's books. Read the books to your students for an added level of connection. Or have your students read them by themselves if they are up to the task.

All About Thailand... by Elaine Russell

"Thailand is a place where a modern culture thrives in one of the world's most ancient countries. Your guides in this adventure are two Thai children: Mali is a 9-year-old girl from the countryside and Tawan is an 11-year old boy from Bangkok. Travel with them as they explore their land--experienced its fascinating wildlife, beautiful handcrafts, sports, games, celebrations and, of course--great Thai food! They'll give you a glimpse of what it's like to live in Thailand, and they'll show you all the things that kids in Thailand love to do."

Thai Children's Favorite Stories by Marian Toth

"The nine charming stories in this book feature clever princesses, warring gods and goddesses, foolish kings, and wily tigers, against a backdrop of traditional Thai village life. They deal with the universal values that parents everywhere want to teach their children, such as good versus evil, right versus wrong, and wisdom versus foolishness."


My First 100 Thai Words by Effie Delarosa

"Through this book, your child can learn Thai words about his everyday life. Kids really enjoy learning about things they know and like."


Travel for kids: Thailand by Dinobibi Publishing

"Dinobibi and Boonsri will join you in every step of the journey. You will have so much fun discovering Thailand – its history, geography, flags and symbols, wildlife, culture and more!"


Kids' Travel Guide - Thailand by Sarah-Jane Williams

"A personal book that takes your kids on a travel adventure! This guide walks your children through the historical landmarks and unique attractions that make Thailand so special. After finishing the book, they'll have a sound knowledge of Thailand, and will feel as if they've just returned from the country!"


Bodhi Sees the World by Marisa Aragon Ware

"Bodhi is high above the clouds, in a plane on her way to Thailand. She's never been to the city named Bangkok, and she's not certain what sights, sounds, and experiences await her there. Stepping into the streets, Bodhi suddenly finds herself a long way from home and not sure if she belongs in this new place. The city is a symphony of noises with horns beeping, engines roaring, and people speaking in Thai."


All Things Tigers For Kids by Animal Reads

"This colorful book filled with amazing real-life images aims to combine fun with education to help you learn all about tigers. Here are a few of the things you and your little one can discover and look forward to inside..."


Thai Picture Dictionary by Jintana R.

"This picture dictionary covers the 1,500 most useful Thai words and phrases. Each word and sentence is given using Thai script--with a Romanized version to help you pronounce it correctly--along with the English meaning."


Thai Celebrations for Children by Elaine Russell

"Thai Celebrations for Children showcases the rich culture and colorful festivals of the Thai people. The charming illustrations and engaging text bring to life the incredible pageantry and symbolism of Thailand's many traditional celebrations--from family anniversaries to national holidays--in a way kids will enjoy."


National Geographic: Elephants by Avery Hurt

"Stomp around the African savanna, run around the forests of India, take a mud bath, and more as you learn all about elephants! Adult and child readers can learn in this new Level 1 co-reader from National Geographic Kids, full of engaging photos and fun facts."

Are you looking for engaging resources for introducing Thailand?

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