How to Use Lapbooks in The Classroom

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Lapbooks in the classroom
Lapbooks are a great way to conduct research, review information, and learn in a new way! Students will love completing these fun activity!
We have lapbooks for many different units such as countries, states, animals, animal habitats, holidays, biographies, and more!
What will your students need?
- a manila folder
- glue or tape
- colored pencils, crayons, or markers
- scissors
- construction paper for strength (optional)
- copies of any of our lapbook projects such as:

Argentina Lapbook:

Argentina Lapbook for Early Readers
Students will love this Argentina Lapbook! This is the perfect way to study and learn all about Argentina!
What is included?
- Welcome to Argentina Cover
- Flag of Argentina
- Map of Argentina
- World Map
Lapbooks for Early Readers
- Information Flip Flaps (Capital, Population, Language, Continent)
- Habitats in Argentina Flaps (Trace it Activity)
Lapbooks in the classroom
- Culture Pocket with Items such as food, dessert, drink, sport, landmark, landform, etc.
Lapbooks for early readers in the classroom
- Facts Pocket with Fact Slips (Three options: completed, fill in the blank, or blank)
Lapbooks for early readers
- Snapshots Pocket with Real Photos
Lapbooks for early readers
- My Favorite Facts Back Cover

Lapbooks for the clasroom

Check it out HERE!


Want to try out a lapbook for free to see what it is like?

Check out this FREE USA LAPBOOK!
lapbooks for early readers
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