Over 1,000 English Words Label the Picture Worksheets for ESL, ELL, Special Ed

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Your students will love these English Label the Picture Worksheets! These worksheets great for ESL, ELL, or Special Ed students! There are over 1,000 words with black and white clipart and easy to read text!

 Use these worksheets are great to introduce vocabulary, reinforce learning, review, or understand new English words in a fun way.

 These worksheets come in three versions: a cut and paste activity, a write in the box with word bank activity, and a blank writing activity. There are six words on each page, 503 pages total. There is a total of 1,006 words! Print on the highest quality on for the best results. Each page is the standard letter size.

 The vocabulary words are in the following categories:

- Shapes

- Colors

- Numbers 0-18

- Home

- Food, Fruits, Vegetables, and More

- Verbs

- Adjectives

- Emotions

- Family

- Costumes

- Fairy Tale

- Animals

- Daily Routine and Chores

- Jobs and Careers

- Clothing

- Weather

- Time on Clocks (1 o'clock - 12 o'clock) (Analog Clocks)

- Days of the Week

- Months

- School and Subjects

- Question Words

- Countries

- Continents

- Body Parts

- Music

- Sports

- Nature

- Vehicles

- Buildings

- Places in Town

- Rooms in the House

- Electronics

- Tools and Objects

- Electronics

- Pronouns (I, you, he, she, etc.)

- Miscellaneous

- Plus three blank pages to create your own pages! (Blank page with boxes only, NOT editable text, write on or add text boxes to make it your own)

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